SCA Group Links

Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. – the official page for the entire SCA

The Kingdom of Atlantia – the official page for the kingdom that Falcon Cree is in

The Barony of Nottinghill Coill – the barony that Falcon Cree is in

The Canton of Cyddlain Downs
The Canton of St. Georges

The Barony of Sacred Stone – the barony to the north of Nottinghill Coill
The Barony of Hidden Mountain – the barony to the east of Nottinghill Coill
The Shire of Bordervale Keep – the shire to the south-west of Nottinghill Coill

Newcomers Links

Newcomer's Guide – a guide published by the SCA.

A Guiding Hand - An Ansteorran New Member's Guide – while this Guide is somewhat specific to the kingdom of Ansteorra (Oklahoma & Texas), it has lots of good information on preparing to attend your first event, courtesy and etiquette, and the structure of SCA royalty and nobility.

A Novices' Guide to Events: a Survival Handbook for Attending Your First SCA Event – lots of helpful info on preparing to attend events, including camping events. (The awards and local groups sections are specific to the kingdom of Ealdormere.)

Choosing a Society Name: Hints for Newcomers

Medieval Names Archive – this collection of articles on medieval and renaissance names is intended to help historical re-creators to choose authentic names.

Choosing a name & persona

Online SCA Demo – demo of what the SCA is, with pictures & descriptions.

Arts and Sciences Links

The Atlantian A&S Links Index – the Kingdom MoAS has assembled quite a few links to almost any subject you are looking for.

Stefan's Florilegium – another index of links on many subjects.

The Aberdeen Bestiary – a great site with illuminated manuscripts depicting medieval animals both real and fantastical.

Heraldry Links

Modar's Heraldic Resources Page