This page lists information about the populace of the Canton of Falcon Cree. For a listing of awards & registerd names, visit the Awards page.

Ailis inghean Cormhaic

Alessandra Sartor  electronic

Alfhildr Haflidasdottir

§ Lord Alwin of Nottinghill Coill
Heraldry: Argent, a sinister guantlet aversant axure and on a chief gules three crosses of ermine spots argent.
Matt Power, 52 Blake St., Greenville SC 29605, 864-567-6336 6795=electronic
Per pale sable and gules, a hedgehog statant within a single-jeweled ring Or.

§ Lord Bastian de la Salle
Heraldry: Per pale embattled argent and vert, a rapier inverted sable and in pale three fans argent.
Brian Williamson, 118 Spruce Ave., Greer, SC 29651, 864-801-9145

§ Baroness Elizabeth Canynges the Ravenhaired
Heraldry: Per pale rayonney gules and or, a mullet or and a natural panther sejant sable.
Elizabeth Cates, 864-801-2993electronic
Interests: garbmaking, especially hats and 15thC Burgundian finery, concoction of consumables, and pretty much any other A&S activity I can get my hands into.

Master Eldred Ælfwald
Heraldry: Azure, three wheels, on a chief argent a dragon statant azure.
John T. Thorpe, PO Box 26314, Greenville, SC 29616, 864-836-5065electronic
webpage: dragon_azure.tripod.com
Interests: Heraldry, heraldic display, calligraphy, illumination, mead and cordial making, archery, architecture, stained glass, coin-making, 12th century history of the British Isles

§ Signora Ginevra Isabetta del Dolce (Kjrstn Barranti)
Heraldry: Per pale azure and argent, a swan naiant counter~changed
Interests: Archery, dance, embroidery, equestrian activities, falconry, fashion, fencing, food, garb, herbalism, music, tournaments

§ Lord Gregor Bakhar
Heraldry: Azure, a vol argent overall a compass star elongated to base Or within a bordure argent.
Dallas Ward, Jr.  1465=electronic
Interests: Archery, construction and cooking

§ The Honorable Lady Gwenhwyfar de Hwytinton
Heraldry: Gules, a griffin passant to sinister argent, a chief checky sable and argent.
Carol Carson, 112 Lakeshore Drive, Easley, SC 29642, 864-859-3072 11194=electronic
Interests: Garb, archery, cordials, fencing

§ Lady Isolda Jourdan  864-289-0336  
Heraldry:  Per bend sinister, azure and gules, a sun in splendor and a lion rampant guardant within a bordure Or. 
Interests: Fencing, armored combat, archery, garb (particularly 10-11c Norse), and any A&S project I can get my hands on.

§ Lady Janna of Falcon Cree
Janna Holden, 110 McArthur St., Easley, SC 29642, 864-859-9989 239=electronic
Interests: Hound coursing, cordials, equestrian, target archery, ministering lists, cooking, autocratting, organizing

Baroness Katharine Campbell
Heraldry: Per bend dovetailed argent and vert, a dove migrant bendwise azure and a sprig of mint Or.
Janie Helms Rayelectronic
Interests: Costuming, embroidery, children's activities

Katharine of Duncan's Chapel (called Kit)
Julia Ray
Interests: Weaving, board games, playing

§ Likerion Volkovitch
Rob Huck electronic
Interests: 13th c. Russian research, mead making, woodworking, Norse wire weaving, metal smithing, casting

Lord Marcus Octavius
Interests: Fighting, drumming

§ Bantiarna Meadhbh inghean Thaidgh ui Domhnaill
Heraldry: Potent, A flat bottomed amphora Gules, within a bordure Sable
Shannon Keys, 864-855-8991electronic
Interests: Japanese Culture, temari, kumihimo, spinning, pirates/privateers, nautical research, brewing, cooking

Bantiarna Muirgheal inghean uí Ógaín
Manly Summerfieldelectronic
Interests: Garb, needlework, weaving, dancing, music, heraldry

§ Captain Nichola Buscelli
Captain of the Corsairium Ship the Scoundrel
Greg Wardlaw, 980 Bumblebee Lane., Wellford, SC 29385, 864-567-6301 239=electronic
Interests: Heavy fighting, combat archery, hounds

Lord Roderic O'Rhinne
Heraldry: Gyronny Azure ermined argent and argent, three acorns proper
David W. Lange, 103 Henderson St., Greenville, SC 864-320-8650electronic
Interests: Heavy weapons, feast preparation, fine woodwork

§ Lord Sean Angus MacDougall
Michael Lone, 144 Bellweather Drive, Duncan, SC 29334, 864-561-9695 5589=electronic
Interests: Bardic arts


Lady Sophia Veronica of Falcon Cree
Tya Hotelling
Interests: Byzantine art, medieval Russian art, beadmaking, icon painting

§ Lady Sorcha the Red
81 Spruce Ave., Greer, SC 29651, 864-801-9145 1145=electronic

§ Baron Talun Mac Dubhagain
Heraldry:Sable, a border componey gules and argent, a falcon's gamb argent (I'm improvising on the arms here)
James Carey, 864-801-2993 128=electronic 
Interests: Garb, horses, cooking, dance and any other A&S project that catches my fancy