Regnum - List of Canton Officers

Seneschal badge Seneschal (president)
Meadhbh , (mka Shannon Keys)
Exchequer badge Exchequer (treasurer)
Elizabeth Canynges, (mka Elizabeth Cates)
Knight Marshal badge Knight Marshal (heavy weapons marshal)
Alwin (mka Matt Power)
MoAS badge Minister of Arts and Sciences
Abigael of Inishowen (mka Jessica Meyers)
Herald badge Herald
Chatelaine badge Chatelaine (newcomer's liason)
Ceara of Novgorod , (mka Becca Huck)
Gold Key badge Gold Key (loaner items)
Ceara of Novgorod, (mka Becca Huck)
Archery Marshal badge Archery Marshal
Lord Alwin, (mka Matt Power)
Chronicler badge Chronicler
Web Minister badge Web Minister
Caelan Cocaire, (mka Patrick Hood)
Rapier Marshal badge Rapier Marshal
MotL badge Minister of the Lists